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Partner Program

If your company provides IT services you are eligible for Lunacloud’s Partner Program. Under this program, your company will have access to and benefit from special conditions to use Lunacloud’s cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and platform services (PaaS). There are two different partnership levels: “Partner” and “Preferred Partner”. The differences relate to the level of engagement as well as the benefits provided by Lunacloud.

Partner levels

A Partner is a company that provides IT services, part of which are provided on top of Lunacloud’s infrastructure and platform services. A Preferred Partner is a company that provides IT services and has chosen Lunacloud as a strategic cloud infrastructure and platform service provider. The Preferred Partner is willing to have a higher level of engagement with Lunacloud at all levels.

  Lunacloud Preferred Partner
Discount level

Discount provided on all Lunacloud’s services.

10% 20% 25%
Initial commitment

Initial pre-paid amount partner needs to charge on its account to get partner level. This amount is fully converted in Lunacloud’s services that partner may use during the first 12 months of partnership.

None 200 GBP 400 GBP
Minimum commitment

Mention to Lunacloud on partner’s collateral, brochures and web site. Please refer to “Marketing” section below for details.

None 400 GBP 800 GBP

Cloud Server with any mix of RAM, CPU and Disk, not limited to a pre-defined set of bundles

Optional Yes

Create or Reboot server in less than 10 seconds (Linux)

Same level as final customer, access to 1st line of support Preferred support level, access to 1st and 2nd line of support
Customer ownership

Who owns the customer relationship, including billing and support?

Partner Partner