Lunacloud launches Cloud Mongo


A new MongoDB as a Service for developers that want to use the most popular NoSQL database, without worrying about the underlying server infrastructure

One month after opening its EU Central datacenter in France, Lunacloud announces the launch of Cloud Mongo, its cloud-based service of the popular MongoDB database. Lunacloud is the only cloud provider in Europe with a MongoDB service provided on a pay per usage model.

Cloud Mongo is a NoSQL database service built with MongoDB, which allows users to work with their favourite database without having to worry about server, operating system or database engine installation and management. These services are included in Cloud Mongo, which is a resilient and performance-optimized cloud platform service, guaranteed by Lunacloud.

When it comes to powering big data, MongoDB is currently the most popular database in the world. The cloud is the best place to put high volumes of data with a low cost. Cloud Mongo is our MongoDB as a Service offer that simplifies the use of a secure MongoDB environment. It also represents a first step of Lunacloud in the provision of cloud platform services (PaaS)…Antonio Ferreira
CEO and Co-Founder of Lunacloud

Using Cloud Mongo is very simple. Each customer has access to a control panel, from which dedicated single or replicated instances of MongoDB of any size can be initiated. Besides easy deployment of scalable MongoDB instances, each customer can also backup or restore its data with a few clicks.

Cloud Mongo is 20% to 30% less expensive than similar services available on the cloud. Until the 30th of June 2013, Cloud Mongo is totally free for Lunacloud customers.

António Miguel Ferreira adds “We are focusing both on expanding our datacenters to new regions across the world as well developing a new set of cloud infrastructure and platform services, simply delivered at the best price.”

About Lunacloud

Founded in 2011 by industry experts Antonio Miguel Ferreira and Charles Nasser, Lunacloud is the latest pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure services provider available to tech-savvy SMEs and start-ups as well as individual developers in the Europe. The cloud has fundamentally changed the way we consume compute, store and network resources, and Lunacloud has evolved to meet these demands.

Lunacloud provides Cloud Servers with any choice of RAM from 512 MB to 96 GB, 1 to 8 CPU cores and 10 GB to 2 TB Disk, running Linux or Windows and controlled via the web control panel or the compute API, from 1.5 cents per hour. This level of flexibility allows for 307,200 different server configurations. It also provides Cloud Storage, a virtual unlimited disk for object storage, accessible via a web browser or the S3-compatible API, from 7 cents per month per used GB.

Lunacloud hosts its physical infrastructure in Tier-3 + datacentres, redundantly connected to the Internet, providing a secure and strong footing for customers at all times and is in partnership with Dell who provides the underlying physical servers and storage infrastructure.

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