Lunacloud expands its portfolio with Cloud Jelastic


The latest Lunacloud service, Cloud Jelastic, launched in partnership with Jelastic Inc., it´s a next-generation platform for One-Click Deployment of any Java & PHP Application, with Automatic Scalability.

Lunacloud a provider that delivers cloud services across Europe, announces the launch of Cloud Jelastic, a next generation cloud platform service for Java and PHP applications, based on Jelastic’s technology.

“Jelastic was the obvious partner to complete our cloud portfolio and it allows us to provide a simple and robust cloud platform service” said António Miguel Ferreira, Lunacloud CEO.

Jelastic offers a superior, industry-proven cloud hosting technology for Java and PHP applications, and gives us an essential competitive edge. Lunacloud is known for delivering a simple, reliable and competitive cloud infrastructure for start-ups, technology businesses and developers all over the world. Our partnership with Jelastic enables us to stay ahead of the technology curve and offer a highly differentiated platform and infrastructure service to our customers.Antonio Ferreira
CEO and Co-Founder of Lunacloud

Cloud Jelastic is a hosting service in a public cloud, for Java and PHP applications, that allows developers to deploy and manage any Java or PHP application in seconds. It is the first and single solution to offer fully automatic horizontal and vertical application scaling in a cloud environment. The management console is highly intuitive, similar to the current management console of Lunacloud’s existing infrastructure services, Cloud Server and Cloud Storage.

“Jelastic is excited to team with Lunacloud to provide a fully integrated platform and infrastructure solution to their customers,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Platform-as-Infrastructure, by combining PaaS and IaaS, drives unique functionality and new efficiencies for public and private clouds. “

For developers, Cloud Jelastic provides one-click deployment and automatic scalability of Java and PHP applications without the need to code to proprietary APIs, as is usual on other vendor’s solutions.

About Lunacloud

Founded in 2011 by industry experts Antonio Miguel Ferreira and Charles Nasser, Lunacloud is the latest pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure services provider available to tech-savvy SMEs and start-ups as well as individual developers in the Europe.

Lunacloud is a pure-play cloud services provider focusing on delivering reliable, elastic and low cost cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) services, on which you can run your operating systems and applications, deploy your code or store your data. Lunacloud provides Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage and Cloud Jelastic services.

Lunacloud has offices in the UK, Portugal, France and Spain, providing local support in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish and will be expanding to other non-European countries in 2014, including Russia, Brazil and Colombia.

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About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc., provides enterprise software that re-defines the economics of cloud deployment and management. Jelastic is the first company to deliver Platform-as-Infrastructure, combining the flexibility of IaaS and the ease of use of PaaS within a single turnkey platform, at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic, headquartered in San Mateo, California, en ables enterprises and hosting service providers to unleash the full potential of the cloud.

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