Lunacloud cuts the price of Cloud Storage by 50%


Following its recent launch of operations in Russia, Lunacloud doesn’t slow down its development and now announces price cuts of 50% in its cloud storage service.

Lunacloud announces that the price of Cloud Storage will be reduced by 50 percent, effective June 1st for all customers. In an increasingly competitive market such as the one for storage, price matters. Although storage is also about great performance, reliability and scalability – and Lunacloud delivers the best as described in a Cloud Spectator (independent analyst) report – customers look for competitive prices. Lunacloud is committed to maintain its service levels and adapt its prices taking into account the economies of scale it generates by its growing customer base, while it keeps its price competitiveness compared to other cloud providers.

Here are the new prices for Lunacloud object storage, applicable from June 1st, 2014:

The new pricing take effect on June 1st, 2014 and will be applied automatically to existing customers.

Cloud Storage is an easy-to-use storage service on the Internet. It works like a virtual disk that you can access anytime, anywhere. Is highly scalable with unlimited size and redundant! With Cloud Storage you can store and retrieve any number and size of files (objects) in/from your personal folders (buckets).

It includes an easy-to-use control panel accessible via a browser. It also provides an S3-compatible API so that you can connect your or third-party applications easily.

You can keep your data private or create public URLs to share any file.

The usage for Cloud Storage is based on the GB (gigabytes) that your data occupies and the GB per month of traffic generated by your data, from the Cloud Storage node to the Internet.

The data on your Cloud Storage is physically on one of Lunacloud’s nodes, in one datacentre in Europe. Your data is kept safe and not lost if any individual drive fails because of high redundancy levels of the storage nodes in which it resides and the data replication built into the Cloud Storage service.

About Lunacloud

Founded in 2011 by industry experts Antonio Miguel Ferreira and Charles Nasser, Lunacloud is the latest pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure services provider available to tech-savvy SMEs and start-ups as well as individual developers in the Europe.

Lunacloud is a pure-play cloud services provider focusing on delivering reliable, elastic and low cost cloud infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) services, on which you can run your operating systems and applications, deploy your code or store your data. Lunacloud provides Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Jelastic services.

Lunacloud has offices in the UK, Portugal, France, Spain and Russia providing local support in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Russian and will be expanding to other non-European countries in 2014, such as Colombia.

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