You only pay for what you use: from 1 GB to unlimited space!

Cloud Storage is an easy-to-use storage service on the Internet. It works like a virtual disk that you can access anytime, anywhere. Is highly scalable with unlimited size and redundant! You can store and retrieve any number and size of files (objects) in/from your personal folders (buckets).

Data replication

Your data is replicated in at least 3 different physical disk stores, each with built-in redundancy, for optimal protection.

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Your data is everywhere. £0.0289 per GB month

You only pay for what you use: from 1 GB to unlimited space!

We offer a free 10 GB tier of network traffic

Network traffic is charged separately. Only public traffic to the Internet is charged (Cloud Storage -> someone). Public traffic from the Internet to your Cloud Storage is free (someone -> Cloud Storage). This means you can upload any files for free and just need to pay when you need to retrieve it. Above 10 GB, the cost per GB month will be £0.0661.

Free Requests

We do not charge requests made to objects on your Cloud Storage.

S3-compatible API

S3-compatible API so that you can connect your or third-party applications easily. We support a large portion of the Amazon S3 REST API, and complies strictly with that portion.

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Our architecture allows scaling of both throughput and storage capacity. It also supports patent pending large object Optimization, which efficiently handles traffic patterns consisting of mostly objects from a few GB to a few TB in size.


You have group and user level access control of objects. You can also share your data with anyone, by creating a public URL to an object. This is done via a user-friendly control panel or via the S3 REST compliant API, which enables seamless interoperability of applications developed for Amazon S3-based storage clouds.


Access your data, either using the control panel or the API, via HTTPS or HTTP protocols.

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FAQ about Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a service that allows you to store information on a virtual disk accessible to you or those that you choose to share it with, on the Internet. It is easy to access, scalable and reliable, much more than any local disk. It is your virtual share of the larger Lunacloud storage infrastructure, with virtually unlimited resources

You can use Cloud Storage for many things, including but not limited to:

  • backups of your documents, photos and other data
  • as a file repository to share with other users
  • as one infrastructure component of applications that you develop to serve your customers

There are two ways you can use or control your Cloud Storage, each with slightly different purposes:

  • Web Control Panel: using Lunacloud’s Control Panel with a browser, connected to your account, you can upload or download files, define access rights, get reports and perform other operations.
  • RESTful API: the Application Programming Interface is accessible for your applications to control your Cloud Storage, the same way you would via the Web Control Panel, which is very useful for auto-scaling of your applications depending on demand. It also guarantees that you can use third-party developed applications based on Amazon S3 to connect to your Cloud Storage, such as Cyberduck or Cloudberry.

Yes, we recommend Cyberduck or Drangondisk, for Mac OS X & Windows.

The usage for Cloud Storage is based on the GB (gigabytes) that your data occupies and the GB per month of traffic generated by your data, from the Cloud Storage node to the Internet (simply put, the data that you or those that you’ve shared files with download from the Cloud Storage buckets). You can check the pricing on this page. The calculation of your cost for using Cloud Storage will be done at the end of each month and charged according to the billing preferences you defined on your account.
Yes. Lunacloud’s storage API (the API to control Cloud Storage) is compatible with Amazon S3. You can find the API documentation here.
The data on your Cloud Storage is physically on one of Lunacloud’s nodes, in one datacentre in Europe. Your data is kept safe and not lost if any individual drive fails because of high redundancy levels of the storage nodes in which it resides and the data replication built into the Cloud Storage service. Please refer to the storage SLA for additional information on service guarantees.
Our support team is available from Monday 9.00 am to Friday 6.00 pm by phone or ticketing system.

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