Cloud now accessible to French SMBs


Lunacloud arrives to the French market with a low cost cloud infrastructure offer

The company aims to reduce cloud adoption barriers, for small and medium businesses

Lunacloud, provider of Cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) announces the launch of its operation in France. Now available on the hexagon, its Cloud offer (to run operating systems, Linux or Windows application execution and data storage) was specifically developed to bridge the gaps of the current offers in the market, that do not fully address the needs of start-ups and SMBs.

Already present in the UK and Portugal, since June 2012, the company manages over 1,500 servers and has a portfolio of over 1,000 customers, with a target to reach 10,000 customers in 2014.

Lunacloud is the cloud infrastructure alternative for SMBs

Lots of good technology is already available in the cloud. However, technology is only successful if it is simple, reliable and inexpensive. Small and Medium Businesses will not use offers that are too complex and are not customizable to their needs.

With this in mind, Lunacloud has developed a cloud infrastructure service portfolio that promises higher performance, higher simplicity, more flexibility and a competitive price.

Enough of technical jargon and packed offers! Lunacloud allows anyone to use the Cloud with an offer that was specifically designed and is highly flexible, that industry giants such as Amazon and Rackspace do not have. We have no more and no less ambition than reduce cloud adoption barriers, for SMBsAntónio Ferreira
CEO and Co-Founder of Lunacloud
Lunacloud differentiators

Lunacloud’s cloud portfolio includes Cloud Server, on which to run operating systems such as Linux and Windows, as well as applications, and Cloud Storage, for data storage.

High performance and guaranteed quality:
  • Cloud Spectator, an independent US-based benchmarking company that focuses on cloud infrastructure services, has released last November the "CloudSpecs Performance Report. Comparing Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud and Lunacloud, the report underlines that:
    • "Lunacloud outperforms Amazon and Rackspace consistently over a period of 30 days",
    • Lunacloud disk performance scores up to 8x better than Amazon or Rackspace disk performance,
    • Lunacloud’s internal network throughput is 2x faster than Rackspace’s internal network throughput, and significantly more stable than Amazon.
  • Availability of different datacentres in Europe, to optimize data and servers access speed.
  • More resources available per server than the rest of the market: 96 GB RAM for Lunacloud and 64 GB RAM for the market leader.
  • Competitive pricing: 10 to 30% lower than Amazon. No commitments or long-term contracts. Each customer only pays the resources that it uses.
  • Extreme Flexibility: usually cloud providers only offer from 10 to 20 different pre-packaged server configurations, that do not address specific needs of their customers. Lunacloud’s offer is extremely flexible since it allows any RAM, CPU and DSK size combination (respectively, from 512 MB to 96 GB, 1 to 8 processors, 10 GB to 2 TB), a total of 307,200 different combinations! And each customer may upgrade or downgrade server resources, anytime.
  • Self-service: each customer self-manages its services, using a Web Control Panel or the API provided by Lunacloud. Resizing servers (scaling up or down) is also possible, without the need to power off or reboot the server, unlike the competition.
  • Proximity indispensable to SMBs, thanks to local support

Lunacloud has a local presence in France, thanks to its pan-European network and a datacentre located in the Paris area, in Saint-Denis.

This translates to:
  • Network latency lower than 40 ms (better than 150 ms need to reach a US-based),
  • Web site and Support available in French,
  • Pricing and billing in Euros, or any currency of the markets in which it is present,
  • Local payment methods supported
  • Guarantee of a broader geographical reach, which allows customers to choose whether to locate their date inside their country.

About Lunacloud

Founded in 2011 by industry experts Antonio Miguel Ferreira and Charles Nasser, Lunacloud is the latest pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure services provider available to tech-savvy SMEs and start-ups as well as individual developers in the Europe. The cloud has fundamentally changed the way we consume compute, store and network resources, and Lunacloud has evolved to meet these demands.

Lunacloud provides Cloud Servers with any choice of RAM from 512 MB to 96 GB, 1 to 8 CPU cores and 10 GB to 2 TB Disk, running Linux or Windows and controlled via the web control panel or the compute API, from 1.5 cents per hour. This level of flexibility allows for 307,200 different server configurations. It also provides Cloud Storage, a virtual unlimited disk for object storage, accessible via a web browser or the S3-compatible API, from 7 cents per month per used GB.

Lunacloud hosts its physical infrastructure in Tier-3 + datacentres, redundantly connected to the Internet, providing a secure and strong footing for customers at all times and is in partnership with Dell who provides the underlying physical servers and storage infrastructure.

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