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Grow your business with Cloud Mongo
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Cloud Server, Extreme flexibility
One click provisioning
Provisioning new MongoDB instances, choosing the DB size and whether your need Replica Sets and Shards is easy. Click and Go, following a simple wizard.

Self Service
Self service control panel allows you to perform all operations with databases of any size. Choose the name of your DB, the size, version and Go! In a few minutes your new MongoDB is up and ready to power your apps!

Backup/Restore and Clone

All instances can be backed up, restored or cloned with a single click. You can easily manage and secure your MongoDB deployments and stop worrying about data loss.

  • Best Price
  • Simple
  • No contracts
  • Blasting Performance
  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Up to 16 GB RAM servers
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