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Cloud Server, Extreme flexibility

Cloud Mongo

Cloud Mongo is the MongoDB-as-a-Service provided by Lunacloud. Power your apps with the most popular NoSQL database. Hassle free, scalable, reliable. You use MongoDB, we take care of the management of the database for you.

Cloud Server appliances

A Cloud Appliance is a special purpose server that we have pre-installed with applications tailored to your needs. You can install a Cloud Server and spend time downloading, installing and configuring applications, before you can actually start using them. Or you can just select a Cloud Appliance that fits your needs and get started much more quickly. Using a Cloud Appliance you will pay for the actual resources you use (RAM, vCPU and Disk), at the same price of a normal Cloud Server. There is no cost associated with the pre-configured applications.


Cloud Site Server

Need to build your intranet or a public web site? Then the Cloud Site Server is ideal for you as it comes built with an advanced web server application (Apache) and the Joomla content-management systems (CMS). You can now create your web site quickly without worrying about the installation of the applications.

Cloud Blog Server

Would you like to manage your own blogs, running on your own server? Then the Cloud Blog Server might be what you were looking for. It comes built with a LAMP stack and Wordpress so that you can quickly start managing your blog.

Cloud Node.js

The Cloud Node.js is a server preconfigured with a Node.js development environment, designed for writing scalable Internet applications. Unlike most JavaScript programs, the code is not executed in a web browser, but runs on the server-side.

Cloud Clojure

The Cloud Clojure is a server preconfigured with a Clojure development environment. Clojure is functional general-purpose language, a dialect of the Lisp programming language.