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General Performance

CloudSpecs Score
40 Amazon
26 Rackspace

RAM Performance

CloudSpecs Score
50 Amazon
25 Rackspace
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You only pay for the resources you use
Up to 96GB RAM, 8 CPU, 2TB per server
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CPU Performance

CloudSpecs Score
75 Amazon
49 Rackspace

DISK Performance

CloudSpecs Score
16 Amazon
8 Rackspace
  • Best Price
  • Simple
  • No contracts
  • Blasting Performance
  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Resize on the fly (no reboot)
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Accessible via web control panel or API
  • Up to 96 GB RAM servers

An independent US-based cloud analyst group released the CloudSpecs Performance Report in which it underlines that "Lunacloud outperforms Amazon and Rackspace consistently over a period of 30 days". This CloudSpecs Performance Report compares cloud servers of Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Servers and Lunacloud. Performance is measured over a period of 30 days to collect data on server performance capabilities as well as consistency in performance. The CloudSpecs system runs open source benchmark tests to measure performance in CPU, RAM, disk, and internal network. Some of the key findings were that in the general server test, Lunacloud outperforms Amazon and Rackspace consistently over a period of 30 days; Lunacloud disk performance scores up to 8x better than Amazon or Rackspace disk performance; and Lunacloud’s internal network throughput is 2x faster than Rackspace’s internal network throughput, and significantly more stable than Amazon in a period of 30 days. You can download the full report here.